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Why has the industry over the years more or less neglected opportunities to optimize energy used on pumps and fans? The answer may be lack of awareness of the saving potential or lack of a product that solves the issue effectively, or both.

Opt-E AS, a company that derives from Delta-p AS has developed the product called SmartSave to optimize pump and fan energy use.

SmartSave is a concept product with a high-tech  controller combined with an energy management module. The energy saving potential with SmartSave is tremendous. Millions of saved kWh per year on a plant, an installation or a vessel.

· SmartSave includes state of the art technolgy, prepared for full AI integration.      

· SmartSave is compatible with all pumps types and manufacturers.

· SmartSave is suitable on both greenfield and brownfield installations, onshore /offshore.

The conclusion : SmartSave is tomorrow`s technology  that optimizes energy, economy and environment a 3 in 1 solution.




Different enterprises, different demands

We know SmartSave will give your company substantial financial and environmental benefits in pump operations. We also know that all businesses have their own needs, wants and resources. To ensure everyone can make use of SmartSave we have developed several variants of our product. See the detailed description of the various products to determine which one is appropriate for your business.

Energy management

Are you in the process of introducing energy management within your company? With SmartSave Energy Management we can help you to utilize its full potential with more efficient  operation. This can be done independently or in cooperation with consultants in energy management. When selecting SmartSave Energy Management there is a possibility of support from Enova. (In Norway)

Feasibility study

If you already introduced energy management within your company, you have made good progress. You are now at the point where you focus on energy use, the question now is how can it be done better? SmartSave  Feasibility Study is the step one should take. With SmartSave Feasibility Study we evaluate all the pumps and fans in your plant and find the possibilities for energy improvements, giving you a well-founded basis for investment decisions and the road ahead.

Mini- feasibility study

Are you uncertain whether SmartSave  is something for you, or think a complete feasibility study may be too extensive? With SmartSave Mini-Feasibility Study we examine only 1 or 2 applications on existing plants. If you experience that SmartSave Mini-Feasibility Study provides positive results, one can go further by taking advantage of a full feasibility study or energy initiative.

Energy initiative

Do you wish to install a new pump or make efficiency improvements to already installed equipment without replacing everything? With SmartSave Energy Initiative we go in and look at your existing equipment and map your new needs. SmartSave Energy Initiative should be selected after you have completed SmartSave Mini-Feasibility Study or SmartSave Feasibility Study. When selecting SmartSave Energy Initiatives there is a possibility of support from Enova. (In Norway)

New development

Are you planning pump or fan purchases in development of a brand new facility? With SmartSave  New Development we participate right from the start of your project. In this way we can contribute to optimizing energy- and cost-savings from the first second of the pumps life. When selecting SmartSave  New Development there is a possibility of support from Enova. ( In Norway)


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